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Western Suburbs Organic Wholefoods and Plant-Based Cafe

Are you a family or young couple looking for an ideal health and food centric business? Are you a vegan foodie wanting to educate people about your food choices?

This wholefoods marketplace and cafe is a unique small business located in the inner west.It offers its local community a wide range of bulk organic wholefoods, bulk cleaning products, vegan and gluten free foods and focusses heavily on the concept of "food as medicine". The wholefoods marketplace stocks a wide range of herbal medicine, has two naturopaths working in store, in addition to a clinical herbalist running many herbal medicine classes.

In addition to the bulk, plastic free shopping, the store also contains a plant-based cafe within its premises. This cafe ties up perfectly with the whole foods offering. The meals in the cafe are cooked from scratch every day, for the health conscious customers, using the organic whole foods from the store itself.There are also numerous workshops/classes run with wellness, health and healing themes.

There is a considerable supportive community around the store, with nearly 3000 followers on Facebook and 2100 followers on Instagram.

"Vegan" is the fastest growing lifestyle movement and Melbourne is right at the centre of it, being now referred to as the Vegan Capital of the world.

Current takings will trial at $10,000 per week.

Competitively priced at $250,000.
Listing ID 4201410
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Business Name Buckley Street
Post Code 3003

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